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Natal Air Force Base promotes lecture about Augusto Severo

The Rampa Foundation was nominated by the host

Watch the Rampa Foundation's original documentary film production "Natal, encruzilhada do mundo" at Youtube, in 4 parts

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4


FJA displays Severo exhibition

Macaiba Cultural Assoc suplied the collection


Another American researcher comes to Natal

She is looking for ADP-related files

109 years of Severo death remembered in Natal

He died in Paris while flying his PAX dirigeable baloon in May 12, 1902

Rampa documentary film was launched in a solemn cerimony

All society was invited, some viewers had to sit on floor

Rampa pays respects to the new commander of I FAE

Former Rampa president lead the visit to Brig Volkmer at BANT

Italy remembers Brazilian Expeditionary Force

66 years later, our EU contributor, Massimo was there

New French Cultural attache lunchs with Rampa Staff

Future projects that links the two countries were discussed

Monte Castello Battle remembered in Italy 66 years later

Massimo, our contributor was invited

Old News

Heldiver WW2 plane



WW2 FAB pilot remembered in Italy

John Richardson Cordeiro e Silva

Our contributor in Italy, Massimo Mazzanti was invited to participate in the Cerimony in Honor of a Brazilian Air Force WW2 pilot, 2ºTen.-Av. John Richardson Cordeiro e Silva, fallen in battle in Livergnano in 1944.

The Cerimony took place November 7th, 2010 at 10:30 local time at Monumento al soldato di Livergnano. At 11:30 a flower wreath was placed by John Richardson's bust.




Operation Cruzex 2010 - 5 Air Forces gather in Natal

The largest aerial exercise below the Equator

Nov, 2010. Natal. Operation Cruzeiro do Sul, or simply Cruzex, on its 5th editon took place again in Natal. Brazilian Air Force, the host, French Air Force, USAF, Chilean Air Force and Uruguayan Air Forces all together conducted the major aerial exercise below the Equator. Click on the picture to see and read everything.




Hangar is named after Natal's iconic pilot

The author and pilot Pery Lamartine is honored


Sept 12th, 2010. Natal. New hangar in Severino Lopes Aerodrome is innaugurated by Pery himself. This facility is private-owned and has three hangars, mainly for general aviation. Ultra-light planes are mostly based there and in the plans are a Civil Aviation School. The foundation stone of the school was laid in this Sunday. The Rampa Foundation was invited to give a lecture and unveil the sign board which bears the name of the future school, Severino Lopes.


2010 Independence Day in Natal

The Rampa Foundation was invited to participate


Sept 7th, 2010. Natal. Independence Day Parade. Read full article with several pictures. Click here or on the picture


Del Prete Anniversary of Birth remembered

Italy sent radio broadcast to Natal

Aug 21st, 2010. Natal. An Italian radio amateur, Massimo Mazzanti, our Contributor in Italy, sent a broadcast to Natal remembering Carlo Del Prete's anniversary of birth. The Rampa Foundation participated in finding here in Natal a radio-amateur to receive the transmition. Massimo, whose second name is Brasile has deep connections with Brazil. During the war the Brazilian Infantry was stationed in his "paese".


Press covers WW2 album story

Tribuna do Norte newspaper is the first

In its August 15, 2010 edition Tribuna do Norte covers the story the pictures tell. An interesting and new approach to the everyday living of a USN Patrol squadron aircrew in Natal in WW2.

read full article: click here or on the picture


WW2 Photo Album is unveiled in TV show

It belonged to an aircrew from USN VP-83 stationed in Natal, Brazil and now it belongs to The Rampa Foundation

In a TV Show called "Conversando com Augusto Maranhao", the latest acquisition from The Rampa Foundation is unveiled to the world. See the show where pictures of the album are shown to the cameras. This album was in the U.S. state of Florida and now in the words of the sender " it returned home". Many of the pictures are from personel of VP-83 and their daily routine in Brazil in WW2. Many pictures from Catalinas, P-40s, Natal, Fortaleza, Belem, etc.

Watch the interview: click here or on the picture


'30s Condor Airline Radio Station unveiled

Read everything about this outstanding finding: click here or on the picture

The Roman Column in Natal, Brazil

2010 Jul 5, The Rampa Foundation and its partners, Brazilian Air Force and Historic and Geographic Institute celebrated the 82nd anniversary of the epic non-stop flight undertaken by Ferrarin and Del Prete that linked Rome and Touros in 49h19min, back in 1928.

Brazilian Air Force Officer in Rio in '44

We received this picture from the famous American photographer Charles Anselmo, this Brazilian Air Force Officer was in Rio in '44 learning to operate Catalinas with Charles' father from VP-94 in USBASTU. Let's help identify this guy?


American researcher comes to Natal to collect data for her Doctorate thesis

Read everything about it: click here

Ribeira District in 1941 and 2010 See side by side, two views of the same spot, Ribeira in WW2 (1941) and today (2010) in Natal, Brazil.
Brazilian Independence day is September 7th. The 2009 parade was celebrated with the participation of a Rampa Foundation Detachment, here in Natal, Brazil